Astérix Chez Les Belges Version Luxe Grand Format

Scénario René Goscinny, dessins Albert Uderzo (pour la partie couleur nous avons affaire à la nouvelle colorisation). Toutes les illustrations sont ©Goscinny/Uderzo et Hachette. Pour une liste complète des livres passés en revue dans ce blog consulter l'index.


Dark Knight III The Master Race Collector's Slipcase

The full article dedicated to this HC series will be updated as soon as I have received issues #7 and #8. In the meantime, issue #9 has reached my letter box this week. So here is an advanced view of the slipcase.

Notice that as a standalone purchase, it is not a bad idea to have used this extra "drawer" displaying the rest of the spines illustration.


Article Update June 2017

The French Hellboy B&W oversize hardcover collection has expend with the second volume of Hellboy in Hell The Death Card.

I have updated the related article accordingly, in English et en français.


Spirits Of Place Text Anthology Signed Limited Edition Hardcover

Text anthology edited by John Reppion including essays by Alan Moore, Maria J. Pérez Cuervo, Warren Ellis, Gazelle Amber Valentine, Iain Sinclair, Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir, Vajra Chandrasekera, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Kristine Ong Muslim, Mark Pesce, Dr. Joanne Parker, and Damien Williams. All material is © of their respective authors. For a complete list of all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.


Article Update May 2017

I have upgraded my Ronin Gallery Edition to the signed and numbered version, and I am very, very happy about that. The Graphitti Design Signed Gallery Editions line has in my opinion the most beautiful design on the market (debossed slipcase and debossed taped-spine).

The related article have been updated accordingly.


Watchmen Collector's Edition Box Set

Script Alan Moore, art Dave Gibbons, re-colored by John Higgins. All material is ©DC Comics. For a complete list of all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.


News April 2017

There is a new Alan Moore related kickstarter campaign that has launched this week. It is mainly dedicated to the complete set of Providence hardcovers that will include the Neonomicon collected edition (i.e. Neonomicon + The Courtyard), the three Providence HC, and an exclusive Art Book and slipcase.

Volume 7 of the Hellboy Library Edition is scheduled for October 2017 ...

... and the first volume of B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth HC edition (the follow up to the Plague of Frogs HC collection) will be published in January 2018.

And IDW have announced a Moon Knight: Bill Sienkiewicz Artist Select Edition (no images yet).


Kevin O'Neill Limited Gosh! Exclusive Signed Prints

This article is dedicated to the screenprints/gyclée prints/prints produced by Gosh! London library and featuring art from Kevin O'Neill. All material is ©Kevin O'Neill/Alan Moore/Pat Mills.
For a complete list of all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.

I will begin with the three Nemo Trilogy A3 "four colours screenprints" produced by Gosh! alongside the original publication of each hardcover (they were originally not framed, I have to thanks my lovely wife for that). They are all limited to 250 copies and signed by both Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill.

In order of appearance we have this first "art deco" Heart of Ice screenprint. Some images of the production of this print (White Duck Screen Print) can be seen here.


Mike Mignola's The Amazing Screw-On Head and Other Curious Objects SDCC Variant Edition

Scripts by Mike Mignola (with Katie and Todd Mignola) and Steve Purcell, art by Mike Mignola. All illustrations are ©Mike Mignola. For a complete list of all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.


Article Update March 2017 part 2

I have recently acquired the 2005 hardcover edition of Batman Year One, overseen by David Mazzucchelli and designed by Chip Kidd.

Thus, I have reorganized the articles related to Batman Year One (French B&W edition and Absolute Edition), to have all colored editions compared in only one article.


Batman The Dark Knight Returns Collector's Edition Slipcase Box Set

Script Frank Miller, art Frank Miller, Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley. All illustration are ©DC Comics. For a complete list of  all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.


Article Update March 2017 part 1

I have upgraded my Artist's Edition of Mike Mignola Hellboy In Hell and Other Stories to the signed remarqued and numbered variant limited to 125 copies.

The related article have been updated accordingly.


America's Best Comics Artist's Edition

Scripts by Alan Moore and Steve Moore, art by Arthur Adams, Gene Ha, Chris Sprouse, J.H. Williams III, Zander Canon, Kevin Nowlan, Hilary Barta, Paul Rivoche, Jerry Ordway, Alan Weiss, and Rick Weitch. All illustrations are ©DC Comics. For a complete list of all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.


Batman Year One Absolute Edition

Script by Frank Miller, art by David Mazzucchelli. All illustrations are ©DC Comics. For a complete list of all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.

This article also deals with the 2005, and 2012 DC Batman Year One Deluxe US editions.


The 2016 Scott Dunbier Awards

The poll related to the Artist’s Edition format books published in the past twelve months has given its results. Check the winners on the comicbookdaily website! (Frank Miller rules!)


From Hell The Painfully Counterfeited Limited Edition

This article is a warning to people like me that dream to put their hands on a legit copy of Eddie Campbell's From Hell Painfully Limited Edition (2002, 19 copies), fully described here. All material should be ©Knockabout Comics or Top Shelf. For a complete list of all books reviewed in this blog, please visit the index page.

I was approached in July 2007 through the contact form of this blog about Eddie Campbell's From Hell Painfully Limited Edition. Here is the exact message that I have received:

Hello, are you interested in From Hell - painfully limited edition?
I might have a contact, who is interested in selling his copy. Though I have to say that price will be huge.
If you are interested -- I'll talk to him and see how serious he is for selling it.
Black Library |

A few Months later they have contacted me back to finalize the deal. They sent me pictures of a sealed box set, identical to the real deal presented on Mr McLaren's blog.

Here are pictures taken by me after receiving the box set to show how similar the counterfeit is to the copied box set:


Article Updates January 2017 part 2

I have updated the article dedicated to Dark Knight III Collector's Edition with issue #6.

This series continues to accumulate delays, which is not a big deal for me. But as noted before, since issue #4 there were only 23 pages instead of 28 for the main story, and this count has fell down to 20 in this issue. This time, this was partly compensate by reinserting the cover gallery, but still less variant covers than what is features in the digital edition.

The story is still very good, but this so called collector's edition is quite a deception.


Articles Update January 2017 part 1

Judge Dredd The Cursed Earth Uncensored article has been updated with the inclusion of the recently published limited signed paperback edition, with an A4 B&W print by Mike McMahon:

Also, fans of Artist's Editio style book can participate to the 2016 Scott Dunbier's Awards at the Comic Book Daily website. Vote!