The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 1 Absolute Edition

Script by Alan Moore, art by Kevin O'Neill with Ben Dimagmaliw and William Oakley. All illustrations are ©Moore and O'Neill.

This somptuous oversized slipcase (8.5 x 12.8 inches, 21.5 x 32.5 cm) designed by Todd Klein was published in 2003 by Wildstorm (ISBN: 1-4012-0052-4, cover price 75$) and features two faux leather with dust jackets books: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume one (192 pages) and Scripts (225 pages). It is printed on glossy thin paper (perhaps too thin though).

First book: I think there is a great amont of exclusive illustrations drawn for this edition by Kevin O'Neill, but since I don't own all the previous paperbacks I can't be sure if all the things I point out here as such are really new material.

This first book begins with some exclusive illustrations and an introduction written by S. Smiles, editor (Scott Dunbier?). The first and sixth citation on the back of every original comics are the only one to be reprinted here (and practically none of the vintage advert pages).

The bonus section begin with the "Allan and the Sundered Veil" short practically as it previously appears in the original comics. It also displays a extensive cover gallery of the original comics and the bumper compendion edition. Other bonuses were previously published in America's Best Comics 64 pages Special.

Second book, the scripts:

Obviously this second book contains Alan Moore's scripts for this first series, but it also features numerous Kevin O'Neill's layouts (and along the scripts pages in transparency, the finished artwork before colourization).

This edition concludes by a 5 pages afterword by Kevin O'Neill followed by a selection of some pencil layouts:

The collected LOEG absolute so far:

Link to absolute Vol 2
Link to absolute Black Dossier


From Hell Graphitti Designs Limited Signed Edition

Script Alan Moore and art by Eddie Campbell.

Canvas hardcover book (7.9 x 10.2 inches, 20 x 26 cm, ISBN: 0-936211-57-1, $95) printed on high quality mat paper.

picture on ebay from gods3rdeye seller (sticker on the plastic shrink wrap)

This book is the limited signed hardcover edition of 1000 published in December 1999 by Graphitti Designs (mine is #936/1000). It begins with an exclusive illustration signed by both the artist. Note that all the pages (circa 575) are individually numbered by the hand of Eddie Campbell (but reproduced as such of course). All the introduction pages from the original comics are reprinted here.

Notice that a Painfully limited edition of this book was produced by Eddie Campbell in 2002. From ChrisMcLaren' blog: "only 19 copies of this edition exist, each one created personally by Campbell. The book comes in a clothbound clamshell case with a black kangaroo leather cover and an original color painting by Campbell inside the front cover".

Here is the exact content of my "regular" limited edition of the book:
- the prologue,
- the fourteenth chapters,
- the epilogue,
- maps of London,
- the Appendix,
- "Dance of the gull catchers" as Appendix II.

You will find more other pictures on Comicstrade here.